Lachlan Lansdown

 This episode we speak to a remarkable lifeguard Lachlan Lansdown, 22, who was awarded the Australian Surf Lifesaver’s rescue of the month, during late December 2017.

Originally from Melbourne, Lansdown is World Paddleboard champion who works at Queensland’s Noosa beaches as a Life Guard, on standby to rescue those in need.

In this episode he shares the story of how he was showing a new life saver around their patch during their first shift, when by chance he saw some swimmers caught in a rip and jokingly said “We may have a job here”. As it turned out, this happened to be a very serious situation where nearly half a dozen swimmers needed rescuing, with Lachlan bringing in an unconscious swimmer. This team effort by all involved is a story not to be missed.

At just 14, Lachlan got his “surf rescue certificate” and started patrolling Noosa beach. At 15 he obtained his Bronze Medallion for surf life saving and volunteer patrols. At only the age of 18 did he became a paid professional lifeguard where he was based on the Northern Sunshine Coast.

He also continued volunteer patrols, but at only 20 he was a “Patrol Captain” put charge of a patrol of 10 people.

Our story picks up at the end of last season 2018 when he transferred to “Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club”. Over Christmas he was rostered to work everyday as a professional lifeguard. His only day off was Christmas Eve.

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On Christmas Eve he was on a volunteer patrol at Sunshine beach when the incident happened.

Regarding his paddleboard career, he is the holder of 6 gold medals from the ISA World Paddleboard Championship from events in Fiji, Mexico and Denmark, and is known as one of the best paddle boarders in the world at the moment.

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This is not the first time that Lachlan has been in the newspapers for rescues. At the age of 15, himself and another friend pulled a woman from the water. Another job we mentioned during the podcast was one of Lachie’s first big rescue events with a car crash in the main street of Noosa.

Rescue seems to run in the family. His father is Trevor Lansdown whom was interviewed on the Australian Rescue Podcast.

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