Gary Raymond Part 2

People were going about their normal everyday lives, heading in to the city from the Blue Mountains, on their way to Sydney when disaster struck.

Unknown to all those involved, this was never going to be a normal day, a day that would have lasting consequences.

41 years ago today, on January 18th 1977,  the Granville Train Disaster happened, killing 83 and injuring 213.


Last time on the Australian Rescue Podcast, we didn’t have enough time to hear all of Gary Raymond‘s story. In this episode we continue his story and memories from the Granville Train Disaster.

If you missed part one, go back and have a listen to it first for some good background.

In this episode we’ll hear more info about what the conditions of the search and also a real fascinating insight in to what it’s like catching up with survivors.

One of people in the story Gary connected with was Debbie, and you can read more about her story here.
Gary at the memorial site in Granville.

As per the last episode, Gary shares even more of his Christian faith, but as per the previous episode, but as mentioned in the first part of this interview it’s Gary’s story so it’s important to leave it in there, given the fact that he’s also a Chaplain as well.

Even though Gary is very busy, he’s also a Chaplain and therefore has all the time in the world if you need.


If you’d like to contact him, you can do so at his Facebook page via a direct message.

Gary has been to these significant jobs in the past:

• Hilton Hotel Terrorist Bombing – 3 dead & 7 wounded
• Luna Park Ghost Train Fire – 6 children and 1 adult dead
• Granville Train Disaster – 83 dead & 213 injured
• Christmas Day Savoy Hotel Fire, Kings Cross – 15 dead
• Pacific Heights Nursing Home Fire – 16 dead
• Newcastle Earthquake –13 dead & 162 injured & 500,000 buildings damaged
• Sri Lankan Tsunami – 35,000 dead, 1 million homeless 
• Cyclone Larry in North Queensland – winds 200 kph – damage 1 billion dollars
• Thredbo Landslide Disaster – 18 dead – Stewart Diver rescued
• 1140 ton Manly ferry the ‘Collaroy’ ran aground and collided with cliff – 4 injured & 500 rescued from ferry
• Earthquake – Christchurch, New Zealand – 185 dead – 1500 injured

As Gary has been to so many jobs, do you have a favourite you’d like to hear from specifically? 

If you’ve enjoyed hearing these stories from Gary, you can read more stories in a series of books called “Top Cop” that were written by David Nicholas. These can all be purchased from good book stores. These images are linked to the products directly.






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