Gary Raymond Part 1

In this gripping episode of the Australian Rescue Podcast, we are in for a real treat. We will hear from Chief Inspector Gary Raymond APM, OAM (Ret’d.) Dip.VET, a retired Police Officer in the Sydney Police force.

You will hear a range of topics, including a brief history of Gary’s life as a volunteer and a professional in first aid as an ambulance officer and in the NSW Police Rescue Squad.

Gary attended thousands of jobs in his career but for this episode we focused on the Granville Train Disaster.


The Granville rail disaster occurred on 18 January 1977 in the Sydney suburb of Granville, Australia. A crowded commuter train traveling from the Blue Mountains to Sydney Central derailed, running into the supports of a road bridge. The bridge came down onto two of the passenger carriages. At the time, 83 people died, more than 210 were injured and 1,300 were affected.

This was the worst rail disaster in Australian history based on loss of life and to this day, many people in the Blue Mountains community bear the scars of the crash.



Even though it was just over 40 years ago, Gary’s memory is still very sharp, and you’ll get to hear him recall details about it almost like it happened last week.

As well as technical details and historic themes, you’ll also hear snippets of how evident Gary’s faith is to him. It’s not scary to listen to, and I felt it important to include, as it helps to capture his story of where and how everything fitted together in his world – including rescue and his faith.

You’ll also hear joyful stories of how Gary has kept in contact with some of the people he has rescued and the outcomes that they have had in life too.

Gary is currently retired and not surprisingly given his story, is a Chaplain to the Police Force Post Trauma Support Groups NSW.

With the amount of stories and jobs he has been to, you won’t want to miss the next time we interview him.

People Mentioned by Gary:

Sgt. Willian ‘Bill’ Fehey

Sgt. Ray Tyson (facebook link)

We had a great chat about many things at the Granville Train Disaster so much, that it’s actually a 2 part show.

I hope you’ll come back for the second part as well.

Images from Blue Mountains City Library 

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