Got a Story?

Do you have a story of a rescue you were in, or know someone else who can tell a good story and share it, then we’d love to hear from you.


As we all know, there’s plenty of great storytellers, but we’d like to hear a little more than a story with the superficials…

We can all learn from each other, and listed below are the kind of questions we’d all like to know about in the event of the job you were involved in.

What happened in the lead up to the job?

Did anything go wrong?

What techniques did you use for the rescue?

What equipment did you use?

How can things be done better?

What were the take-homes from the job?

Did you have enough, or the right equipment and resources?

How are your crews since the job?


It’s all very well to have a camera in your face and give a 30 second summary of a job, but as we all know with a 2 hour long job, there is a lot that goes on. Let’s share some other these things to our rescue mates.


While stories are great and that’s the primary role of this podcast, if you you’ve also got any other related topics and can bring something to the table of interest, then consider yourself welcome, and please get in touch with us on the Contact Page.